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Restart: A Site and a Life

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AMID  the restart of my life after the second cancer surgery, I’ve installed a new site theme, chosen by Melissa. Navigation requires clicking the line stack in the upper left corner or scrolling to the bottom of every screen. As time allows, I will work on making navigation better. Meanwhile, here’s an interim menu bar:

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The site redesign reflects a life redesign. My restart occurs on every level.

On a physical level: The surgery left me with lymphedema, The lower part of me at one point was so absurdly swollen that I looked like Tweedle Dum. Now my legs are wrapped tightly. I’ve lost a third of the edema. Walking is getting a little easier. I can stand on my own a little longer, and it hurts a little later.  I am learning to navigate life this way for now.

The surgeon broke two bottom ribs on my right side to remove the only tumor detected in me, and he removed its housing, the  inferior vena cava vein. He says my body has already begun rerouting bloodflow from my lower organs to my heart. He calls me “cured.” I will do scans the rest of my life.

Current reality is that I wince when I move. Typing this sentence strains my right ribcage. I am learning to navigate life this way for now.

On an emotional level: I am healing the wounds of blame and worry spawning cancer in the first place. I am letting go of playing the victim,

On a spiritual level, I am owning my healing power as a being of eternal light, as are we all. I accept living through pain in my body as the path I chose on the soul  level to come into my power as a whole person.

I created this reality. My choice. My responsibility. I am learning to navigate life this way for now.

Judah Freed
Author: Judah Freed

Judah Freed is the author of Global Sense and the publisher at Hoku House.


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