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Indie publisher Hoku House offers Making Global Sense worldwide through the Amazon and the Ingram networks plus its own special orders.

THE WORLD LIST below helps you find a bookseller or distributor close to you. Amazon and Ingram print books on-demand in regional and national production centers, so the the closer to home you buy, the lower the eco-impact. Buying the  ebook uses electrons instead of atoms, which is good for the the planet.

READERS around the world may order the book from quality online booksellers and local bookstores. Below is a list of retail and trade outlets in the national markets available.

BOOKSELLERS may order copies through Ingram iPage or (pending) New Leaf. As other wholesalers and distributors become available, they will be listed here and below.

SPECIAL ORDERS may be placed directly through HokuHouse.com.

WORLD LIST of booksellers by regions and nations.
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Navigating the Evolving World Bookseller List

Bold links go directly to 
books. Other links go to bookseller websites.*

• Asterix marks  links that open on websites specified by Ingram as sales channels where Making Global Sense is not yet showing in their digital catalogs.  Ingram says rollout will  be complete by April. Before then, if you wish, search these sites anyway. They update pages far faster automatically than I do manually.

NOTE: The paperback cover image displays on most bookseller websites.  The hardbound cover image does not yet display on all websites, Ingram says it will.

I’m assured  all book order links work,  If ever not, please let me know, thanks!

Bless all on earth who support independent publishing!


  • iPage (book distributor)
  • New Leaf (book distributors)

United Kingdom


Australia & New Zealand

Middle East



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