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What I do at Hoku House


I write, edit, design, and indie publish my own books. I edit and design books by clients, and sometimes I might publish their books under Hoku House. I prefer teaching client authors how to professionally publish independently. 


I write and edit news for print and online newspapers and magazines. Beats include politics, education, health, media, society, and ecology. I advocate freedom of the press and media literacy for critical thinking.


I help nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and Bcorps create ethical public communication plans and internal communication systems that make global sense. I support democratic teamwork for organizational transformation.

Making Global Sense
Making Global Sense
A Fable of Liberty Lost and Found
A Fable of Liberty Lost & Found
End Medical Dent
End Medical Debt
The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector (Editor)
Patient, Doctor and Bill Collector


Where I Create

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Where I Serve and Engage

“Judah Freed has taken the gauntlet from Thomas Paine and other great innovators of democracy to guide us toward the evolution of democracy itself.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution

What Others Say About Me

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author, Conscious Evolution (she saw draft).
Founder, Conscious Evolution Foundation

Judah Freed has taken the gauntlet from Thomas Paine and other great innovators of democracy to guide us toward the evolution of democracy itself. Making Global Sense is a vital and wonderful book, well written and inspired by the very same passion that founded this country, and can carry the world into the next era of evolution.”

Bill McKibben

Author, The End of Nature, Deep Economy, Falter, Eaarth;
Founder of 350.org; organizer, The People’s Climate March

Thomas Paine rallied Americans to a new sense of themselves and their possibilities. Judah Freed does likewise for citizens of the planet.”

Ocean Robbins

Author, Voices of the Food Revolution: 
Co-founder, CEO of Food Revolution Network

Making Global Sense is at once vast and tangible, disturbing and inspiring. The book provides a sweeping overview of the critical challenges of our times. It conveys both a penetrating diagnosis and a galvanizing vision of possibility.”

Jill Heinerth

Author, Into The Planet; filmmaker, We Are Water:
award-winning underwater explorer

Judah Freed guides us toward an urgent paradigm shift for creating a sustainable future.”

Pamela Varma

Author and publisher, Kauai Stories

When I knew it was time to revamp the interior of my book, Kauai Stories, I turned to Judah, who skillfully brought my vision to reality.”

Susanna Lange

Co-Author and publisher, Yes, You Are a Genius

Judah transformed our book from good to outstanding. He is an expert editor who was able to further clarify our message while improving the style…. The book now conveys a more powerful message. Readers tell us they enjoy reading the book so much that they read it again and again.

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